Teeth Whitening – Bleaching of Teeth

As one gets older the teeth tend to darken. This effect is very common and can make a person look older and less attractive.

Bleaching is a process which lightens the teeth simply and harmlessly.

Bleaching is usually a two-stage process.

Firstly, a mould is made to fit over the teeth. This is paper thin and made of flexible plastic. (Sometimes, de-sensitising gels are used for a week before the bleaching proper.)

The bleaching proper is done by placing a gel within the mould and then wearing it for 30 to 60 mins in the morning and in the evening.

The bleaching result lasts for about five years and can be easily topped up using the existing mould. With smokers, bleaching does not last as long and it may be repeated more frequently.

The cost of tooth bleaching is £300 for all teeth. This price includes assessment, impressions, teeth moulds and whitening gels.